Any Google Sketchup pros here?

I have only basic knowledge about the app (we have the pro version at work), but I was wondering about one thing: How do you go from an ordinary Sketchup model to the stuff that is displayed in the 3D warehouse as a preview?

I know it only features “screenshots” taken from fixed angles of the base model, but these shots look much different from what the model looks like when opened in Sketchup. They look like they have been rendered.

Is there some keyboard shortcut or something I can press in Sketchup to see my models that way? Or will I have to purchase one of the third-party rendering apps?

Thanks in advance for any help.


Why do you want to do that? The 3D view in warehouse is so limiting. It’s zoomed way the heck out, only rotates on one axis, no zoom capability.

When you’re in sketchup, you have everything at your fingertips. Why go to something so limiting?

Thanks for your reply Tman, but I think you misunderstood my question.
Or I probably didn’t describe what I want accurately enough.

Anyway, what I want is the visual style of the previews, but of course not limited to the fixed viewpoints. I want either a toggle to make the model look like the previews look but with fully customizable viewpoint OR a button to press which dumps the current perspective in that style. Whatever is possible.

But my goal is to chose any viewpoint and have it end up looking like the previews on the 3D warehouse look.

Do you understand my question better now?


aahhh, ok, got it. I never thought of it, but I see what you are meaning. I’m not sure there is a render, but possibly. More likely it looks like a light source that gives the impression of dimensions, because as I rotate one of my models, when it’s directly facing me, it doesn’t look rendered.

I don’t know how you’d do this easily, but a way to mimic it would be to select your entire model, make a group then pull out the rotate tool and rotate on the axis of your choice.