Any Google Voice invites available?

I’m picking up either a Droid or a Nexus One soon and I’d like to use Google Voice. Is there anyone that would be willing to give out an invite? I’ll update when I get one but perhaps this thread could be used for requests. Thanks much.

I can send you one. PM me your email address.

I have Google Voice. Can I invite just anyone?

Sent, thanks much!!

I’d appreciate one too if anyone has extras. Just got a Droid Eris Thursday.

Hey rowe, pm me your email and I can send you my last one.

I would also love an invite!

PM me your email Marged. I have 3 invites left.

This is US-only, right?


I’ve got a few as well if anyone else is interested.

I’d like an invite if anyone has an extra. Thanks.

PM me or one of the other people in the thread who’ve offered with your email address.

I have two invites to give out as well, if any of the folks above run out. PM me.


I have three invites. If anyone wants one, PM me.

Edit: And all three are gone!

It seems I can’t PM anyone because my post count is too low. My email is glr200 @ if someone wouldn’t mind sending an invite my way. Thanks.

Sending one now!

Thanks very much.

How do you check for Voice invites? Wave invites I know where to look, but I don’t see a counter or a way to invite with Voice…