Any Grand Rapidians free on Monday perchance?

This is just a shot in the dark. We have to lay a concrete foundation for a shed which will involve taking ~60 loads of wet concrete from driveway to backyard via wheelbarrow from concrete mixer truck.

The local gravel company said they can probably squeeze us in, but they were off for an extended holiday when I talked to them last week and couldn’t schedule for sure, so I’ll be calling first thing Monday morning.

Why doing this so last minute? I planned on having this ready a few weeks ago because I’m having Nissan Fundlipication surgery on Tuesday which will render me unable to do anything that involves heavy lifting or labor for nearly 2 months (if things go well). It’ll be more complicated than normal since I have chronic pancreatitis plus other issues around my diaphragm and my pulmonary stuff so pneumonia will be hard to stave off. So this is my last ditch effort to get this done before fall. Thanks!

Apparently, some people will often just drive up to Home Depot or wherever and hire a bunch of Mexicans standing around. If you find that sort of thing palatable, they could begin and be finished in the same day. The only experience I have is that my landlord hired a company who employed a bunch of Mexicans to do some roofing, and they were 1000x faster than the 'Muricans they hired to install the gutters (and manage to do it wrong!). [Ed. Of course first they had to get high in the driveway…]

Also, good luck with your surgery!

My day on Monday is pretty full with summer tutoring, I’m afraid. Hope you can get things squeezed in, Jeff!

Did the Mexicans or the Americans get it right? I couldn’t quite follow the story.

It was the Mexicans sorry.

It’s OK! It’s during the day and last minute so I didn’t think it could work, but thought I’d check anyways :)

Good luck with your surgery, Jeff.

Yeah, JP, best of luck and quick recovery.

@rei and @RichVR Thanks!