Any great pc games coming out?

Just went thru the eb coming soon list and besides the big name games, there are no pc games I saw between now and march that I would want to buy. Besides the Gal civ 2 expansion and Supreme Commander, I’m not really looking at any new strategy games. I’m still pretty burnt out on rts games, standard FPS games aren’t really my favorite games either. Also no MMO’s either (so Wow is out),
are there any smaller or lesser known games coming out that look good?

And did Spore really get pushed back to October 07?

PC gaming is dead. All the cool kids have consoles.

Crysis! Oh wait, that got pushed back, too…

When is C&C3 coming out?

Europa Universalis 3 ? I’m pretty sure it’s first quarter 07.

Armed Assault
The Witcher

Hopefully one of these will come out.

Hellgate: London. Not really an FPS, more like Diablo. I’m ALL over this one when it ships.

Crysis is off your list because it’s an FPS. If Bioshock isn’t interesting to you, I’m sorry, but since it’s very FPS-y perhaps it’s not.

My personal early-2007 joy pile: Crysis, Hellgate: London, Bioshock, Supreme Commander. That’s plenty enough to keep me happy for a loooong time given my horridly slow play rate. But if you want plain ol’ strategy games, it does indeed look pretty bleak.

(S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? Give me a break, it’s going to be lame. And, yeah, Spore is Q4 '07… they’re in no hurry to ship it until it’s really truly fun, and God bless them for it.)

Um… I’m looking forward to Jade Empire SE.

No, really.

Crysis and Bioshock will be 3Q 2007 at best. I still have hope for Stalker which will for sure be out in March 07.

The new Combat Mission should come out in the next few months.

Great games besides the big names coming out during the doldrums of gaming? It is going to be thin pickings, but as always there will be games released, you just have to find them. Check out this thread in the Gamespot forum: . The OP catalogues every single “promising” PC game to be released or may be released in 2007. It doesn’t include dates, though, so you’ll have to manually look those up if a title looks interesting to you.

Whoa, that snuck up on me, I didn’t even realize it was in development.

I’ll have to check it out, I really loved EU2 and the soundtrack to that game still haunts me :)

The new Bioshock trailer still says spring. (trailer 2)

Supreme Commander in January I think…damnit you said it already

Well, If you don’t hav e it on the 360, you can get Rainbow 6 Vegas soon. Very fun.

Past that, I have to agree with Coca Cola up there (even though he was probobly sarcastic). As much as I loved PC games for the past 12 years, I’ve jumped ship to the consoles with this new generation. Good games, Ease of use, can play as it was “ment” to be played (graphicly), and solid online play (for 360).

Now if they just ported WoW or the upcoming Warhammer mmo and RTS games I would write off my PC as a gaming machine forever.

I wasn’t being sarcastic, though I was being… hyperbolic. There are a few PC games I’m looking forward to, like Spore and Quake Wars and a couple others, but consoles get 99% of my attention these days.

If you play WoW, then BC is a big event. I’d like to play Hellgate too. Supreme Commander sounds good, but even after I get my PC fixed I suspect I won’t be able to run it well.

Same here. Never played it on Xbox so. . . .

Some adventure games of interest coming out:
More Sam n Max Episodes
CSI: Hard Evidence from Telltale
Gray Matter by Jane Jensen
Simon the Sorcerer 4

Holy shite! He wasn’t kidding!

There really is an EU3 coming out soon! And the spelling on the site is just as wonderful as always.

edit: Oh lord, 3d. This puppy will run like an ogre.

There’s a very good beta report that goes through some of the changes in interface and rules on the forum.


Nothing has been announced, but Mythic’s Warhammer Online was running on an Xbox 360 at E3.

Edit: Age of Conan is coming to the 360.