Any handicap mobility/miscellaneous questions?

I had a stroke in the spine at T-6 level in 1998. I was paralyzed from the chest down. It was due to a cavernous malformation-analogous to an aneurism but its in your spinal cord.

Vehicles I have used include using a rigid frame wheelchair:

Ford thunderbird-removed the passenger seat, folded/broke down the wheelchair and lifted it over myself and plopped it down where the passenger seat used to be. This was slightly inconvenient but you get a good workout!

Dodge Caravan Grand Sport-lowerd floor, automatic door, kneeling and ramp system. The conversion was done by IMS and extremely problematic. I was taking it in every three weeks on average to alternate the door and the kneeling systems. The quality of the dodge was poor to fair and also problematic but only a small fraction of the issues I had with the conversion!

Chrysler convertible-Again like the thunderbird had that work-out thing only it was even more difficult.

Toyota Tundra-Braun conversion. This was a neat concept-shell topper/crane and turny seat, however the leg room was extremly tight to the point I couldn’t use it. Also time consumming opening the shell, manipulating the crane-all while sitting on the side of the car exposed to the rain and elements.

Honda Element-A+!!! Finally the perfect vehicle! It had all of the ease and convenience of the van, but with out all the problems. The gas mileage is about 22 mpg. 14" lowered floor, bifold ramp and no kneeling system to break. The only problems so far is whether to refer to this vehicle as a truck, suv or wagon. The conversion was done by Freedom motors and is called X-wav.

No ones brave enough to ask the obvious - so I’ll do it.

You’re brand new to the forum, haven’t posted anything about actual games, yet your second post is pushing the Honda Element. No one wants to be rude to someone that suffered a paralyzing stroke, and I can’t help but think there are a few individuals out there that would love some fodder to say QT3 is a mean and awful place. But the fact is, there’s been a stream of viral and guerilla marketing to hit many forums as of late (as well as this one), and this is just one heck of an odd thing to have show up for no reason whatsoever - & you’ve got to understand… this is coming from someone who also has severe health issues.

Wish you all the best and hope to see some game posts sometime.

Oh like you’re not pushing the Saturn Enceladus.

“The Enceladus. Buy one today!” :P

I’m not a delicate flower. Ask/say anything you wish-after all isn’t it what QT3 is about. :)

In fairness, his post only seems to be “pushing” the Element for parapalegics, which probably aren’t a huge demographic here on Qt3… if this is a viral marketing post, I can’t imagine it is a very effective one.

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Flex, that’s pretty cool! How many different car conversion companies specialize in this sort of build? You’d think that there would be more of a standardized option, even from the factory itself. How much does a conversion like that cost? Does the state subsidize any of it?

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I am uncertain how many conversion companies are out there, but in central Florida there are at least five that I know of. Freedom Motors is in Michigan.

-Hand controls-Menox, MPS or MPD can cost $800-1100.
-The Dodge Caravan IMS van conversion cost approx $21,000
-The Braun Toyota truck conversion costs approx $20,000-includes automatic topper, crane and turny seat. This doesnt cover the hand controls.
-The Honda Element X-WAV conversion costs approx $21,000

If you are disabled and employed vocational rehab covers the entire cost of the conversion. It also may depends on your assets etc.

… and here I thought it was about games…

There’s a card game called Fluxx. I’m not a fan.

My sister-in-law needed some basic conversions, mostly hand controls. She can actually get into and out of a regular car. When she last bought a car, she ended up getting a Honda Civic and Honda was willing to do the conversion for very little money, if any at all.

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