Any Interest in a Qt3 PBEM Game of Diplomacy?

So I just discovered the world of online PBEM Diplomacy (the old Avalon Hill game). Here is a good online site with info on the rules, map and so on:

Diplomacy is a board game of negotiation, alliance and treachery, with very simple moves (no dice rolls) but huge amounts of depth.

Here is the site we would use to host our game:

You sign up with a valid e-mail and somebody hosts a passworded game. We all join and the site will create a PDF of our game-map, updated each turn. You can view it with a browser. You give orders in text, but it shows the moves graphically.

Anyone interested? We would need 7 people to play (ideally) and we can agree on 1 move every 2, 3, 4 or whatever days (I believe a move very 2 days would be good).

Post here if interested. If we get 7 I’ll try to figure out how to host one.

Warning: Diplomacy is a game of skullduggery and treachery. Don’t play if you don’t want to try to manipulate your friends and fellow-board members, and get backstabbed in return :0.

If we get more than 7, the first seven can play, I will be the GM (meaning I won’t play) and anyone past the first 7 can observe.


That sounds like fun. I’ve played a few games of Diplomacy in my life, but it was with 1 other person, so it doesn’t count, does it?

Diplomacy with one other person? I can’t even imagine how that would work. :shock:

Seriously, the whole point of the game is alliances and, more importantly, treachery. You can’t stab anyone in the back if you only have 2 players.

3 players doesn’t really work either.

I’d love to play a qt3 game, but I’m scared of the time commitment, the negotiations can get pretty involved.

Oh, btw, hi march :D

I would absolutly be there. With bells.

OK we have XPav and Danminal who sound like their in. Marchare and Malphigian? With me that would get us to 5. You can have a game with 5, but 6 is better and seven best.

Anyone else? I figure a 2 day per turn set up. All the diplomacy can take time but that’s the most fun part :).

Also, if you know of other or better gamesites or resources, please chime in. I’m a PBEM newbie.


I really don’t have the time, but I’ll join in anyway if there aren’t others who want to. We really should try to get seven players, though.

We did this once before, and the game died off before we could finish.

Depending upon how many turns were going to be made in a day/week, I might be up for it, but I don’t have a ton of time. (Last time I think we committed to 2 turns per week.)

I wouldn’t want any more then that, and I’d be in favor of 1 Spring/Fall turn per week, with the retreats/builds happening quickly after moves (i.e. Orders due Thursdays, retreats/builds due on Fri/Sat…)

Well I don’t actually want to play diplomacy by email (my last game was probably 15-20 years ago), but it’s fun to talk about.

Since Russia and Turkey find it so convenient to ally against everyone else, as Russia or Turkey I used to find it fun to agree to bounce in the Black sea the first turn. Sure, this does retard both allies’ development slightly, but it makes the betrayal of Austria and Germany in the next year much easier, since the generally pathetic central powers will be happy to see that their usual nemeses are apparently fighting each other and will typically expose themselves to easier attacks as a result.

As Turkey, for example, you can just lie and lie and lie to Austria about supporting them in attacking Russia, with your lies made plausible by the first-turn bounce, and then you immediately stab them in the back :)

Once R+T get going, Austria has little chance to survive unless for some bizarre reason both Germany and Italy have decided to support them, which is rather unnatural given the geography. Meanwhile Germany is usually not in the world’s best shape either, since pretty much any of the other countries is probably involved with them in the south or west. Ideally France or Germany has already attacked Italy by year 2, otherwise the Italians will as usual interfere with Turkey in the Mediterranean, which can be a bit painful once the fleets get completely clogged up. With the central powers crumbling and the usual conflict between two of EFG versus the other one, it’s just a question of how quickly the west can stabilize to oppose Russia and Turkey, and with the usual betrayals and inability of those powers to organize themselves properly, R+T often has an easy game, because it is so convenient for R+T to not fight each other.

Sure, theoretically E+F can attempt a similar approach from the opposite side of the board, but Italy is the real naval obstacle for Turkey, and it’s hard for France to not attack Italy; they are just too tempting a target most of the time, if they haven’t already gotten involved with Germany and Austria.

Of course any bizarre alliance can occur if various players choose to trust each other, but between casual players who haven’t played a lot together, it’s much easier for R+T to set up a trusting alliance than most other pairs of countries.

All 3+ faction strategy games are ‘Diplomacy’.

  • Alan

I’m interested, but I’m afraid that getting me to commit to a regular schedule is doomed to fail, so I’ll pass.