Any Inxile rumors

Haven’t heard anything from Inxile since the Release of Bard’s Tale last year. (or last Spring out side of the US) Also their page hasn’t been updated in way over a year. We know they had the Wasteland licensed but several people has commented (even on here) that it was unlikely that would be their next game. Any rumors as what they were up to?

Rumors no more.

Inxile is developing 2 games. One is a Wii and DS version of the hit flash game, LineRider. The other is a humorous game that is like a Quentin Tarantino film. Guess thats probably not Wasteland. No publisher for either but since they are virtually self funded anyway, probably isn’t a cause for concern.

Line Rider is my GOTY.

Hell, watching other people play Line Rider is my GOTY.

Words can’t describe how awesome Line Rider + DS Stylus should be.