Any iOS budget app recommendations?

I was pretty happy with “Pennies”, but it’s running into performance issues and the developer has been helpful, but I’m not optimistic about this getting resolved.

Does anyone have a budget/expense tracking app they can recommend for iOS? I don’t want anything connecting to my actual bank accounts, I just want to be able to easily log income and expenses.

I haven’t found a good answer myself, but I also want desktop syncing. I have tried a lot of them, but everything falls short of my needs.

I do my budget in Excel but use Banktivity on my desktop for tracking my spending, which has an iOS app. I don’t pay for bank syncing, I do it all manually. Banktivity has budgeting, but I really do not like how they do it.

I would say You Need a Budget, easily the king of budgeting, but I dropped them once they went web based with a monthly fee.

Don’t most people use Mint for that?

I use Personal Capital to track my funds, but I don’t budget myself so I can’t speak to that specifically.

YNAB is recommended

My wife and I have been using YNAB for 4-5 years. It’s great. We got the paid version but I guess now it’s a subscription service.

I have used YNAB for a couple of years and it’s really turned things around for me. I find it really easy to use.