Any issues with using USB-A charger with USB-C phone?

I am finally getting a new Samsung S21 phone with USB-C charging but still have some older phone chargers with USB-A ports. Is there any safety issue with getting a few Anker USB-A to USB-C cables so that I can still utilize these older chargers? I realize the phone won’t charge as fast as it would with the new USB-C wall adapter since the USB-A wall adapters are lower powered, but would the USB-A wall adapter potentially overheat or something because the phone is trying to draw too much power?

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Yeah, you’ll be fine. USB-C is backwards compatible.

Not in the slightest.

The older chargers might be slow, and they’ll for sure be a lot slower than whatever high-wattage turbo USB-C charger comes with the fancy new phone, but yeah, you’re fine.

Old will work fine, but charging at <=10W may get frustrating with slowness and you can get a branded Samsung 25W charger for $20 or $10 used.

We still have chargers from our ancient HTC bricks floating around. They work fine! Those phones were so slowwww it hurts to think about. Remember when scrolling web pages on Android was a juddery mess? Yeugh.

That article has great info, thanks. I did pick up a Samsung 25W USB-C plug for primary charging. I’m just planning to use my old Samsung USB-A plug for my nightstand, so it doesn’t need to be fast. It just needs to ensure the phone is topped up in the morning (or really, so it doesn’t somehow drain to nothing overnight) and doesn’t get too hot doing the job.

The USB-A plug is Samsung S7 vintage so I think it’s 2.0 amps x 5V = 10W(?).

It’s the A → C cables that can be a problem