Any Los Angeles area Qt3 folks have the skinny on good business ISP/IT outfits?

It seems a lot of folks here are Pacific cost, so I figured I’d toss out a line for info.

I work for an NYC based company, and we’re opening a small remote (5-10 person) office in LA. We’re still awaiting a final lease but it’s shaping to be located in a tall Century City office building.

I started poking around for ISP’s. Verizon doesn’t cover the building in question, I was hoping for FIOS. It seems ATT offers U-Verse there. I’ve never used it and hear a lot of horror stories, but perhaps their business services are decent? Someone I know in LA uses Bel Air Internet service. It seems that they’re a wireless provider. I imagine wireless net is more common in LA due to the weather and the lower density of office buildings compared to Manhattan, but I’m from the east coast, and a bit wary. Anyone have experience w/ reliable outfits out there? We’ll probably look into DSL as a failover/secondary backup. The office won’t be hosting any services, but would have a permanent VPN across country to our HQ.

I also may need some local IT outfit, for rare emergencies. We can administrate the remote server and handle most user problems over the Internet, but once in a while, you just need a body on site. I’m cool w/ flying out on occasion, I have family in SoCal, but I’d rather not hop on a plane for some minor hardware issue or if the Internet punks out. Any suggestions for pay-as-you go IT outfits w/ positive references would be appreciated.