Any love for crazy indie/gypsy/whatever music here?

So. I’m sitting here, half drunk, cooking dinner (no, not goulash), listening to an extended playlist of Golgol Bordello, Beirut, and DeVotchKa, and really enjoying it, and I’m inspired to ask if any of you are into it, too. Anything else that I didn’t mention that might turn my crank?

Barbez (dark cabaret), Tiger Lillies (ditto, but seriously fucked up lyrics),
Balkan Beat Box (exactly what it says on the tin). A simple list of my music
collection might keep you entertained for years if any of that is interesting :) has all three of those.

Cool. Those sound great. Hmmm. Never bought music online before (hatehate DRM), how’s eMusic? Nothing in their FAQ about DRM or anything.

DeVotchKa is gypsy music? The only stuff they’ve done I’m familiar with is the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack, which was great. But it just seemed like your regular indie music.

Anima sound machine - they mix in a ton more influences but that is their roots.

Are you talking about flamenco? Armik is a good place to start for a modern flamenco artist.

I’ve got SuperMelodrama and Una Volta and I’d say yeah, definitely. They sound like Beirut (or rather, Beirut sounds a lot like them), but a bit less somber, and a little more ‘indie’- especially on SuperMelodrama. I didn’t see LMS, so I’m not sure what the music in that movie is like.

They’re pretty good. MP3s, usually around 192-256kbps encoding, no DRM on them.

And now, more stuff being added to my save-for-later list there.

I like gypsy jazz, and crazy bands that sometimes incorporate elements of traditional gypsy music, like Secret Chiefs 3 or Estradasphere. Would I like this crazy indie/gypsy/whatever music of which you speak?

Well, I just saw a CD called ‘Gypsy Jazz, Vol. 3’, and it had songs by DeVotchKa and Balkan Beat Box (both mentioned in this thread). So I’d say yes, probably. The thread title was just my lack of knowledge about what this genre is usually referred to as.

I like it and didn’t even know it existed as anything other than those gipsy bands at Balkan weddings.
I like the Turkish/Greek/Slavic influences better than the north african feeling of flamenco… Also this kind of music tends to sound like it’s played for fun while 90% of flamenco seems to be a whine about something very bad that is happening to the singer.

I pasted some of the names posted here on youtube and ended up discovering Gogol Bordello. Me likes gipsy ukrainian combat punk apparently.

Thanks to a rather nifty BBC feed where I can choose to watch one of 5 stages at Glastonbury (TV not net), I have Gogol Bordello on at the moment. Most entertaining too.

You might look at KFJC’s programming schedule and tune in or stream when the right DJs are on. They stand apart from other college radio stations. Good stuff. Their now-playing page displays album/artist/track info real time.

I recently bought “Festival in the Desert” (“Le Festival au Désert”), “Bombshell Baby Of Bombay” and “Nigeria 70” and those are all great. Also got Anthony Phillips’ “The Geese And The Ghost” (very expensive unless you find a better source than I did) and love it especially.

Not sure if it’s indie or not, but I also discovered Nightmares On Wax through that station and love a few of those albums as well.

Dresden Dolls, maybe?

Gogol Bordello are rad! That’s all I have to add to this thread.

My emusic downloads recently refreshed, and Gogol Bordello is going to wear out the bits on my hard drives at this rate.