Any mainstream coverage of rFactor? (motorsport racing game)

It seems SimHQ has been running several specials on this game, and it seems to be getting some good press among some smaller communities. It appears to be a download only game though?

Anyone owning the game have any thoughts on it?

I second this query. Do I spend my driving money on Toca Race Driver 3, or rFactor?

The two are very different. rFactor is a sim while TOCA 3 is more of an arcade racer with some sim characteristics.

I have it but don’t play it much. rFactor is a framework for third-party content developers to flesh out and was released without much content. There are currently only a handful of high quality add-ons available and those are just individual cars or tracks, not full racing series and/or seasons. Once high quality add-on packages start to be released, things will probably pick up. It will be interesting to see whether third-party add-on makers runs into licensing issues and whether there will be a significant shift towards payware add-ons as seen in the flight sim market.

At the moment, I much prefer GT Legends. Awesome, awesome game.