Any news on Euro PS3 Backwards Compat?

Now that the system is out and people have been able to actually put games in it, I’ve yet to really see any information about whether or not the software approach is working and how bad/good “nearly 100% compatible” is. I’m interested specifically in how good (and consistent) the so called “minor issues” games are and how bad the ones with “noticeable issues” are. Primarily because I want to know how screwed I’ll be if I don’t get a PS3 before the hardware BC goes away in the US.

Anyone have any stories/links/pointers?

It’s been up for a while:

EDIT: Here’s the actual FAQ link:

EDIT No. 2: I think I misread your post. Are you asking for actual first-hand experience? If so, ignore the links.

Yes I am. I know there’s a list, but somewhat akin to the 360 list saying “Ninja Gaiden is backwards compatible” and folks going “Well, if you don’t care about framerate or playability.” I’m curious as to whether or not Sony was over-cautious, under-cautious, or spot-on with their list, and how the “noticeable issues” manifest (framerate, main characters with purple skin, miraculously transforming Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy into an actually fun platformer, etc…)

I think they were overly cautious. Here is a good review:

At the same time, for those titles that did make it into the official listing, we feel the Sony testers have been rather conservative with their ratings. Your mileage may vary, but extrapolating from our own library, if you see a game with just one dot it’s probably okay to assume it’ll play fine overall with just the odd non-game-breaking quibble.