Any of you all play KoL or Torn?

I don’t hear many people talk about KoL or Torn, yet they are both still up. And if you haven’t heard of either of them you should go play them right now! :D I’ve been playing KoL since 2018 and Torn for almost a year now, and I’ve had a lot of fun playing both games. (KoL in particular.) Heck I joined this forum because I stumbled upon an old thread about KoL. So I’m curious, both KoL and Torn have been for about 17 years, yet both seem to have rather little permeation into internet culture as a whole, unless you count WoL.

Oh yeah, KoL! Everyone loves KoL!

WTF is KoL?

Looks at avatar. Guesses Kingdom of Loathing. Never heard of Torn

I played Torn from Feb through April last year and eventually deleted my account. Because I don’t use social media, I had never played social media like it before (Mafia Wars etc) and everything about it was new to me.

It seemed interesting, but progress was much too slow for me. I guess the long action cooldowns and the overall slow pacing & trickle progression is direct result of this being an oldschool social media/facebook/myspace type game, but I burned out on that style of game back in 1992 with BBS door games like Legend of the Red Dragon.

What ultimately killed the game for me was the community manager urging people to write poetry about pot or some shit. True to form for the characters in this particular game I guess, but I’d rather slay dragons.

I was thinking Knights of Legend and that unfinished Black Isle game from 20 years ago.

Edit: But now I know West of Loathing spun off from another game!

I guess given I don’t know the acronyms, you have my answer.

KoL stand for the Kingdom of Loathing

If you want a more comedic/fantasy rpg KoL has you covered. I find Torn lacking in character myself. There’s a bit of lore, but not much. I do like the fact that I don’t need to spend much time on it per day, but I agree that progression is slow. You flat out deleted your account?

Sounds like you should give them a go then! KoL stands for the Kingdom of Loathing, Torn is just Torn.

Yeah! The asym team is working on another _____ of Loathing game as well, but I’m not sure how long they’ve been working on it.

Yea, gave away my millions and loot and permanently deleted it.

Wow, that’s pretty hardcore.