Any photoshop people who could tweak a frog picture to make it smile?

I’m thinking about the frog in my profile, I think it’d be funny to have just the far right and far left edge of his lips curl up into smile. Same goes for anther pic I haven’t posted yet. It is one of the most beautiful images i have, only dinged by the grumpy look on the frog’s face (that is a look of being content and safe). It’d be perfect to have happy cat instead of grumpy cat… err happy frop instead of grumpy frop.

No need to thank me!


(in case the sarcasm doesn’t come through - this is a dopey effort done in MS Paint. I am not a Photoshop person!)

Give me the photo at the best res you have and I’ll have a go at it. Can’t guarantee 100% success, though :)



Also added googley eyes because they make everything funny.

My take would be this, but again, if you give me a better res picture I could do a better job (it’s gets too blurry as it is):


You can find her at the bottom of Jeff’s original post there.

I absolutely love the grumpy looks of frogs, personally. They are happy, but not showing it because of their restraint and education.

Beautifully stated. Would like your post except I can’t.


ok, here you go. Hope you like it @jpinard! If you want some changes feel free to ask (takes like 10 minutes).


Very cool! Nicely done.

Hahahaha that is so funny.

I’ve been… thinking a lot. Too much if you’ve read my posting and it’s been a bit too negative and was concerned a grumpy looking frog in my pic would signify that I’m just always negative and didn’t want to be thought of that way.

Maybe I should keep it unedited. I’ll post the other pic when I decide on the which version of the 5 I took to not waste anyone’s time.

I assume they’re pictures of your frogs?

It’s funny, I had the same problem. I took a picture of my crow to use as a forum avatar, which I guess looks sort of grumpy by crow standards, and someone told me he always read my posts in a grumpy tone because of that. I’d say yours is more of a neutral-looking frog, though.

(This is not by beluga, however.)

Don’t worry about wasting my time, at least. I don’t do this kind of thing for work anymore, so I find it a fun and relaxing diversion when taking a break.

I may speak for everyone when I say that we want to see it!


And I only spent like 5 total minutes on it, so it wasn’t a hardship or anything. Enjoy!