Any PS3 Move games worth owning?

This question probably has an obvious answer…

Pretty much just lightgun games, if you care about that genre. Nothing I can think of otherwise, unless you’re interested in using pointer controls for some of the Sony-published shooters.

During that E3 in which they had the PS4 for the first time, they also showed off this Media Molecule program which let you make sculptures using the move controller. That looked kinda neat. Did that ever come out?

The name escapes me, but there’s a boxing game that requires a move wand in each hand that’s pretty great if you can stomach the over the top gritty street fighting theme. What’s great about it is how well it handles modeling the movement of each hand and maps it to boxing moves. It got really mixed reviews, but I loved it. Helps that it’s also a pretty good cardio workout.

I tried Dead Space Extraction, the Move-enabled Wii port (a $10 download IIRC), but didn’t make it beyond a few hours. Kung Fu Rider, a $5 on clearance impulse buy, remains unplayed. IGN gave it a 3.5/10, so don’t overpay. : )