Any quebecers know shit about these stupid taxes?

So I get this form in the mail. RL-4.L. Has this number on it, 1045.98$.

I don’t know for sure what it means. It’s something about property taxes, I know that much. What I don’t know is if I have to pay this nonsensical number, or if it’s for a tax refund, or what. I rent an apartment, the rent is only $800/month, and I’ve only been here since october. So either property taxes are absurdly high, or I’m misunderstanding this stupid french form.

PS: God I hate this fucking province. No offense.

I’m sure God doesn’t mind.

(Yeh, sorry that’s all I got.)

Maybe it’s Asshole Tax. It is Quebec, after all, and you’re, well, you.

I’m not in Quebec, but a quick search says that since your landlord used your rent to help pay his/her property taxes, then you get to claim a portion of those property taxes on your own income tax return. So no, it’s not a bill. :)