Any readily available point and shoot cameras that can be used as a Skype webcam?

One of the partners at the firm has eased into Skype video conferencing lately, and tomorrow morning will be having a meeting w/ our sales team while he’s off in Arizona.

The webcam in our laptop that we’ve used the past couple of weeks kind of sucks. I need to find a nice external camera that I can use w/ Skype that supports wide angle or HD to capture the entire conf room of sales folks. Anyone know of ether some really nice webcams that I might find locally at Best Buy, or even better are there any digital cameras that can be used as a webcam for Skype? Ideally if I can find a digital point and shoot that can zoom and I can hook it up via USB on a tripod to be used as the Skype webcam on our laptop, that would be awesome.

The meeting is tomorrow morning, so ideally I need something I can grab locally at a Best Buy.

Take your laptop to Best Buy along with some USB cables and try them out. I know that cameras in the past would work.