Any recommendations for good places to trade games

I’m looking to trade some console and ds games I’m done with for other games (video or otherwise). I’ve googled a few and there is ebay, but if anyone actually uses a particular site can you pass it along?

BarterBee is apparently good.

I tend to use Trade Games Now or the Cheapass Gamer forums.
GameTZ was not bad on the few times I used it.

I’ve been using the Octopus Overlords trade forum for a while with a lot of success. I’d recommend it. If you hang around long enough, you are sure to recognize some folks from here.

I’ve used Gametz a lot, and it’s great.

I’m selling my Wii (w/Wii Sports, Harry Potter and Warioware) for $250 plus shipping. Also seeling my just fixed by Microsoft Xbox 360. Asking $200 for that one. Prices do not include shipping.

Not sure how much of pain this would be, but I’d love to have trade forum on this site.