Any reliable way to move files off an ipad to PC?

So I finally got a new iPad, and was wondering if there is a reliable way to transfer pdfs and other ebooks from the old iPad to my PC. I did a Google search, and many websites want to sell a program to do the transfer, it seems. Has anyone here successfully migrated pdfs, etc. to a PC from an iPad? Are any of these programs safe and reliable? Is there a good way to do this? I have many pdfs that only exist on the iPad, and would hate to lose them. Please advise!
(And apologies if this topic has been posted here before.)

Export those PDF’s to a cloud service, such as iCloud or Dropbox. Now they’re on your PC.

If the idea is to migrate iPads, then why not back the old one up to PC or cloud and then do a restore to new one? That’ll do nearly everything without manual fussing.