Any Retron 5 Interest?

Retron 5 uses Android to emulate 10 different cartridge game systems. It has ports for the original controllers. But you must have the original carts to play the games. It outputs through an HDMI port.

…containing the hardware to play real cartridges from various 8- and 16-bit platforms, upscaling the output for moderns TVs, and including all the options and filters you’d find in software emulators to boot.

It’s a mashup of the worst features of actual hardware with the worst of emulation. Carts are required, not all games are supported, and the kicker is that there is currently a bug that deletes the save files off your cart when it dumps the game to memory. Anyone serious enough about retro gaming to want one of these should just buy the actual hardware – and for the cost of the Retron it would probably be cheaper unless you wanted all 10.