Any reviews or comments on the G15 or Wolf King Warrior

Just curisous if they like them. I have 60 dollar credit at new egg and was debating whether to buy a keyboard and maybe a gaming headset with mic or put the money towards some game speakers or a mic.

I have a 5.1 zalman headset sans mic so maybe just a mic

I have a 5.1 zalman headset

I am thinking about picking that headset up since I moved in to an apt how do you like it?

not to sabotage my own thread but doom 3 and halflife 2 sounded pretty damn good. I like them a lot. I had read that after extended wear they hurt your ears. I have had no such discomfort.

I’d be interested in knowing how good the G15 keyboard is, and how the macros work, if you can create macros for any app or if it requires a “profile” for the game to work before you can do anything with it, in short: How advanced is the keyboard.

REading the Logitech Forums (they are too cluttered btw) there are a lot of unhappy G15 customers, apparently the buttons wear off after a while, and since they’re backlit you end up with a … glowing square.

I’m not sure what kind of toxic sweat these people are excreting, but I have a G15 at work and have been using it every day without this button wearing off business.

You can create profiles for any game/app, and associate it with its executable.

One thing to keep in mind: It’s a very large keyboard, which is important if you have a normal-sized keyboard tray.

Your wish is my command:

Logitech G15

Wolf Claw

Wolf King Warrior

Oh, yeah, and the newest:

Ideazon’s MERC keyboard

I love my G15. No problems with key paint wearing off, and I have sweaty hands.

How long have you had it, some of those guys stated they only had it for a month, course, they could be lying sons of bitches.

Also; You attempted to create Macros with the keyboard? how does it work? How long can the macros be, can you loop the macros? CAn they function like “autofire”?

I haven’t messed with Macros much myself, just simple stuff.

You can probably get answers at

thanks for the reviews. I had read those.