Any Slingbox Users in the House?

Any Slingbox users in the house?

I noticed that there was a thread starting in 2005 with scant responses. Since then, Slingboxing seems to have taken off (so much so that they’ve finally introduced three new models, which finally make it attractive enough for me to consider buying one).

Any Slingbox users care to share their experiences? Particularly interested in how it works with a DVR.

Have you ever checked out Orb?

It’s like Slingbox, but free if you have a TV Tuner and an IR Blaster for your PC.

Alternatively you can just say screw TV and use it to stream prerecorded media.

I have a Slingbox hooked to an old ReplayTV and Digital Cable box. It works fine, and I can watch it on my work PC during lunch (Or Crisis), and on my PocketPC.

I realize there are dudes on here who would raise their nose to anything that doesn’t display a 1080p/60 picture and digital sound, but for me, the quality of the Slingbox is excellent.

The thing I don’t like about it, is that is monopolizes whatever device it is connected to. So if you have it hooked up to the living room TV, and you change a channel, the channel will change on the TV in the living room as well. But if you have a bedroom TV or something (Such as what I do) than you can just use that.

And yea, Orb is free and does mainly the same thing if you don’t mind having your PC on all the time. You might start there and see how that works for you.


Just to update this thread:

I purchased a Slingbox recently and love it. It’s a great way to take control of your AV system remotely if nothing else. Plus, it works perfectly on my phone, which has come in handy from time to time.

Agreed. It’s so damn awesome to be able to watch shows I’ve recorded on the DVR from a hotel room in another continent.

Yes, I have one on my tivo series3. Works great. I wish I had better upload speed, though.

So I just got an email from the Slingbox people that the servers will be going down in November and slingboxes will no longer be functional. I guess with streaming these days there’s less need for something like Slingbox but boy was it ever good for watching live TV from across the world. I don’t know how I’m going to break the news to my Japanese wife who watches it daily. Does anyone know of any good options if someone wanted to watch Japanese TV? I’m referring to actual TV, not Japanese content available on Japanese Huluz etc. She’s gotta have her ridiculous variety shows.

Hold on @Canuck I’ll ask my wife (Japanese). She has a sub to an underground streaming service that lets her watch all the TV stations out there. She hasn’t been ripped off or anything. She’s had a sub for at least 2 years and watches all those variety shows and dramas.

Oh thanks, that sounds very promising!

Sorry for the delay!

Despite the sketchy/amateurish appearance, my wife has had a very positive experience w/ this “service”:

She uses the cheapest, App-type sub which is still pricey annually (a bit under $250/year) but she definitely finds it worth the average $20USD monthly cost. Watches on her PC, btw.

Thanks for the info! We’ll look into it.