Any Tennis fans here?

Anybody watching the US Open? Roddick plays tonight on USA.

I’m old-school. I don’t like the way the game is all about power now with the new rackets. Back in the wooden racket days it was rare for a guy to blast a winner from the baseline unless it was a passing shot. Not it happens all the time.

Federer has a nice game, though. He seems to play with a bit more touch than most of today’s players.

I’m actually a bigger fan of women’s tennis (sure the short skirts help and the latest imports are starting to give Kournakova a run for her money) because of how men’s tennis is all about power. Seems like the women’s game still displays some real finesse. Unless the Williams’ brothers are playing.

I was a real fan of Martina Hingis style, she was amazing at the tactical and technical aspect of the game. So much so that I could ignore any stupid homophobic statements she made.

Roddick was pushed hard by Ljubicic last night. Pulled it out in a 4th set tiebreak. L went to the net over 60 times and won over 40 points that way. He had as many aces as Roddick…

Women’s tennis was better…until the Williams sisters showed up. Not to bash them for their excellence, but it’s been boring watching them play one another in the grand slam finals. Damn them for being so much better than everyone else.

Hingis was fun to watch, but she never developed any kind of a weapon. She needed some kind of a shot she could fall back on and win the big points and she never found it.

I appreciate the talent of today’s players, but back in the day it was something to see Connors swing from his heels and blast a two-hander from the baseline for a winner, to see Borg stand at the baseline like a wall and hit passing shots for winners when opponents dared to come to the net, to see McEnroe use angles and spin and change the pace on the ball to work his way to the net. Nowadays players can stand at the baseline and flick their wrists and hit winners.

I’m a lefty in the Connors mold myself. (As a club player, anyway.) My two- handed backhand gets me lots of clean winners and my lefty serve often annoys my righty opponents. I also like to serve and volley particularly to the backhand side. My favorite racket is the Wilson Triad 2: 9.5 oz of whoopass goodness. Sure the sport has changed but so have many others.

I don’t think any sports have changed as dramatically due to improved equipment as have golf and tennis in the last 20 years. Tennis is really a different game now, and in golf you seldom see players hitting long irons from the fairway – it’s driver - seven-iron on 460 yard holes. Crazy.

Oh, and lefty serves are tough for most people to handle. We’re just not used to it. The ball comes off my racket different when I get pulled wide by a lefty serve in the ad court. You guys are irritating.


Who is that thin, young, blonde, Russian girl who has an orgasm every time she swings?

Maria Sharapova. Schwing :)

How could one NOT like to see Roddick play? I am still amazed at the power that kid can produce on his serve. But I have to agree, womans tennis is a bit more fun to watch since it is more style and grace than pure power (minus Andre).

I will diagree on Hingis though, she was a so-so fluke. The only time she hit number one was when the top players were off the tour.

Ok, Roddick VS Ferrero getting ready to start…