Any truth to the GBA backlight rumor?


That’s all I knwo of.

Not a kit… a new GBA model with integral backlight and lithium battery. I’ve seen rumor of it here and there - just curious if there was any substance.


As Mr. Ohle linked, with the judicious application of $35 from my credit card, an exacto knife, and a soldering iron, my GBA is already backlit. Take that, Nintendo!


Cathcart participated in the “Violence Against GBA” act as well. He dutifully tore his GBA apart, applied high temperatures to its personal areas, and then reassembled the thing with it’s dopey y-wing screws.

Now what he has is a glowing monstrosity that looks bruised and violated.

Instead of savoring that solid Nintendo construction, holding his GBA makes you feel like a samurai attempting to hold his guts in after ritual suicide.

I for one will stick to the FloodLight. Yeah it weighs 4lbs and it lights the screen unevenly, and yeah it drains my NiMH batteries like that floozy from BloodRayne drains the life from the hapless nazis, but at least my GBA doesn’t have to cry itself to sleep every night.

Does Cathcart get the DTs real bad? Like he thinks there are snakes all over him, but there really aren’t?

Instead of savoring that solid Nintendo construction, holding his GBA makes you feel like a samurai attempting to hold his guts in after ritual suicide.

Believe it or not, installing an Afterburner doesn’t affect the look of the GBA from the outside. There’s no visible sign that I pried it open, cut it up, burned it, and then screwed it back together again.

Except for an annoying speck of dust that got on the inside of my screen, but I’d rather not talk about that, because I’m busy playing Pinball of the Dead in a dark room while the rest of you are waiting for Nintendo to announce some new $100 product due out in Q4 2003.


But are you playing Virtua Tennis on it yet?
I am.
Pretty good so far, but, to be honest I’m not Afterburnt and I haven’t found the right lighting for it. I keep losing the ball. Seems just as deep as the DC version though (the sequel, with the ladies).

Chick, how does it look? As good as Game Gear’s backlighting was? Or does it look like a hack job?

It looks great, Tom. Powerful and consistent across the screen. I never had a Game Gear, but I can’t imagine going back to a pre-Afterburner GBA.

However, I should note that installation is a daunting process, particularly if you’ve never fiddled with a soldering iron. I’ve installed mod chips before, so that part was no big deal to me. But you do have to be pretty quick and confident with the little shiny sheet that actually lights up the LCD display. Cutting the plastic is no big deal once you realize that nothing your cutting away will show when you close the GBA back up.

If you use a GBA, I really can’t recommend it enough. Even at the price of paying someone else to do the installation*. It makes that much of a difference.

  • A friend of mine used this fellow and spoke highly of his service.

Christ, I gotta get this done to my GBA.

I gotta find time to put the one I bought three months ago in my GBA…

One time I played Total Annihilation for 16 hours straight and then tried to go to class. Couldn’t pay attention to the prof for more than five seconds at a time so I decided to put all of my focus on just writing down what he had on the board. Half way through I realized I had written something in the wrong order and tried to drag-select it with my pencil. That didn’t work out so well. I also heard laser fire off in the distance for the next two hours before I finally got back to my bed.

True story. Pathetic, I suppose, but true. :)

Actually, Cathcart’s GBA looks fine from the outside too…it’s just the last time I held it the screws weren’t completely tight.

I dunno…if you all like the Afterburner so much that’s fine. I guess I won’t report you to the secret service or anything.

It just doesn’t appeal to me so far. I do have a tendency to completely reverse my position on things though and totally cave in.

Two years ago I swore that consoles were just toasters with too much attitude, then Cathcart convinced me to buy a Dreamcast. Since then I went from DC traded for N64 traded recently for a CGN.

Probably I’ll be writing here next week telling everybody how awesome my afterburner is.