Any Turn-Based Tactical RPGs on the Horizon?

I love turn based strategy and RPG, wish it was a bit more popular so we’d get better titles. Some of the most fun you can have in an RPG is with a solid combat system.

It’s just such a damn shame that one of the best combat systems i’ve ever seen in an RPG accompanied such a buggy, shallow mess that was Temple of Elemental Evil.

Are there any games in development/being talked about that use something similar to Temple of Elemental evil, or even something like the Fallout combat system.

You probably have to go indie for that.

Age of Decadence?

Get a PSP. That system now has a slew of terrific strategy RPGs.

I’ll have to check that out, it’s a shame the DS doesn’t have more than it does…it’s almost built for them.

If you have a DS or GBA I can’t see ever running out of SRPGs to play. You must be looking for something more specific.

Yeah, the new FFT:A2 for DS is a candidate. :)

Front Mission on the DS is a pretty deep SRPG as well. Add to that all the GBA ones (Fire Emblem, Yggsdari(SP) Union, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, etc) that you can play on the system as well, and it’s a great SRPG platform

Some former Troika guys are working on a turn-based RPG called DropShip.

Their website:

Not much there, atm, though.

I just hope they’ll continue issuing the other Front Mission’s.

Desslock referred to Obsidian’s Aliens RPG as being a tactical combat RPG, but did not specifiy if that meant turn based or not.

Non-RPG’s but with RPG elements would include Jagged Alliance 3 (using the turn-based Silent Storm engine) and possibly the rumored X-Com title from 2K Australia (formerly Irrational Australia.)

The PSP has a few as well if you happen to have one. Or hell the ps2 for that matter.

The PS2 has tons. Nippon Ichi alone have contributed at least six.

If you don’t mind the retro graphics, Eschalon is supposed to be a good old-school CRPG. Haven’t tried it yet myself, but there is a demo.

Well its not RPG but two new turn based games coming out over the next few months

Lost Empire: Immortals - whch looks pretty promising for a 4x game with some depth.

Spaceforce: Captains- which is supposed to be a turn based space RPG/strategy game. I heard the interface is pretty bad though. Anyone else heard anything on it?

How does it stack up to the original FFTA? Are the jobs any more balanced this time around?

Edit: and when does it come out here?

And for that matter, did they decouple the skills from weapons and turn it back into a points-spending system?

I actually kind of liked the learning-skills-from-weapons part of the game. What I mainly didn’t like was a) the unbelievably annoying story and b) the fact that none of your class choices mattered much beyond your party being gimp if it wasn’t all Fighters. (Hey, you know what the strongest melee class in the game needs, you guys? Ranged attacks! And AoE attacks! And elemental attacks!)

FFTA’s story was so bad I stopped playing, and I adored the gameplay. I just couldn’t take the plot anymore.

All the Nippon Ichi games are pure gold, though I hate that they moved away from the grid system with Phantom Brave. Both Disgeas are a couple of my favorite games in existance.

Just looking for something more along the lines of X-Com, Jagged Alliance 2, or Temple of Elemental Evil.

(Forgot about JA3)

The excellent ps1 dealie works fine with emulation on the psp if you have one that can run homemade rips.