Any warnings about refurbished Apple product?

Does anyone have any cautionary tales about buying refurbished product from the Apple Store? I’m returning to school in June and need to grab a 15" G4 Powerbook and the prices in the refurbished section are tempting me. I’d need to take it to a local dealer and get the RAM bumped, but apart from that there is only the fact that it’s refurbished.

Does anyone have any experience with this section of the Apple store?

I can’t comment on computers, but my wife’s ipod mini is great after a year. It didn’t have any scratches and the battery life is the same as the one I bought new. The prices are similar to the prices you get in the education store, so if you’re in school or know someone in school you may want to check there first.

Apple stores are weird… kinda cultish…typing this on a mac-we have 9 of them here in the office.

What I can say is that if it comes with apple care, you have nothing to worry about- that will take care of anything. Apple Care is a must… I have a new mobo and a new HD right now because of it.

The only thing is that to minimize down time if you need repairs is to have an authorized apple repair shop nearby-- fortunately we do.

Whatever you do, don’t buy the local computer shops “Apple Care Substitute”… Bad times.

You can lie also, as there is no enrollment verification.

Also you can sign up as an apple developer member, which costs like $100 but gives you a one-time voucher to buy a computer and peripherals at >20% off. If you’re talking powerbook rather than mac mini you’ll probably save a bit more money.

I don’t buy used computer equipment, don’t believe in it.