Any way to delete attachements in Outlook?

Here’s my problem. The place I’m at only gives me 80mb of storage on Exchange. I’m a tech writer so I deal with large documents frequently and fill up my mailbox often.

I’d just stick everything in a PST, but I’m a big fan of “flag for follow-up” and I can’t figure out how to get a follow-up view that that does both my inbox and the PST.

Usually, when I get an attachment I download it to my project folder and mark the attachment as a follow-up so I don’t forget about it. The only workaround I’ve been able to do is forward the mail to me, sans attachment, but then I lose the original sender as the “sent from” person.

Any ideas?

Ask for more space?

Not gonna happen. They don’t up quotas for anyone.

Searched google for outlook attachment and this was third result. :-)

What version of Outlook are you using? We’re running Outlook 2003 SP2 here, and all I have to do is right-click on an attachment and select Remove.

Right-click is your friend.

You could even go so far as creating a Task and insert the e-mail in question, then delete the entire e-mail+attachment. Overkill, probably.

Remove is grayed out.

I’ll have to download this and try it. Thanks.

You have to upgrade to do that. :)

It’s teasing you, Mark. Are you going to take that from Outlook?

Fuck no. I’m going to use my Mac.

I remember Eudora used to just stick all email attachments in a single folder, and you could cherry-pick delete them at will. Too bad the interface just got comparatively suckier over the years.

Or wait, was that Pocomail instead of Eudora? Either way, it was a good feature on an aging client.

Do you have the email open in its own window, or are you using the Reading pane?

BINGO! We have a winner. Thanks, dude, didn’t think of opening it up.

Yeah, I don’t understand why this isn’t standard for every POP client. It seems such a no-brainer to keep attachments separate from your mail folder(s).

Hell, it’s pretty much the only reason I still use Eudora.

Remove is a great thing…

You can just pull your e-mail off of the server and store it locally - then you can have several GB of e-mail folders if you want.

I think it’s under the TOOLS menu. Highlight your e-mail account and for delivery set it to a local .PST file. (You can create the new .PST file on the same screen). Then make sure your e-mail is set to automatically deliver new e-mail to this new local file.

You’ll have to pull down your old e-mail manually. If you access your e-mail from several computers then this will be an issue as it will remove the e-mail from the server when it pulls it down.

Just removing the attachment will solve the problem for me without having to make a lot of adjustments–I’m addicted to “flagged for follow-up” so I’d have to build searches for that, and I’m used to where it is.

All i really wanted to do was get rid of the attachments.