Any way to make a person's text color different on iPhone?

My wife and I have iPhones. There have been numerous times we have accidentally sent a text to the wrong person when intended for each other. Could be very embarrassing (“no Mom, restraints and hot wax means luggage rack ties and we’re making our own candles these days…” “No, daughter, your mother did NOT mean it when she said you can be an emotional prima donna at times, she knew it was going to you and that was a joke…”

I assume there’s no way to change the default text color for a specific contact so that it is obvious when you are sending a text to JUST that person and no one else?

I don’t believe this is possible. However, you CAN put emojis in contact names if that helps (maybe a NO symbol for your daughter)

Yeah we do have a heart emoji and Hubby and Wifey as our contact names for texting. We sometimes just have several text messages going at once (the reason this came up now, my wife is on the road, with my mother as she just had her second Covid vaccination shot and she’s there to help out if she feels bad, and she’s sending group texts to me and my brother about how she’s doing; she sent one this morning and I’m at my desk at work and saw it and assumed it was just to me and replied with something like “you know how paranoid my brother can get about things” and sent it, then realized it was to both of them) - easy recovery since he thought he was intended to see that and I sent him a “wink” when I saw what I’d typed.

Maybe we just need an alternate app for texting each other.