Any way to make Windows scrolling as smooth as a Mac?

Mac OS X, when using a mouse like any of Logitech’s wonderful metal-wheeled scrollers (MX/VX series, G9), scrolls amazingly smoothly, one pixel line at a time. The best I have been able to make Windows scroll is an entire line at a time. If you’re accustomed to the “smooth like butter” scrolling of OS X with one of these mice, switching to any Windows release brings a constant and unpleasant reminder of shitty 90’s tech.

“Smooth Scrolling” in IE is an awful alternative where the browser tries to fake smooth scrolling between one line at a time, assuming that your mouse is too imprecise to actually handle this and making for a jerky, crappy experience.

Is there any fix for this?

Load logitech’s software and don’t rely on the Microsoft software for a non-MS mouse. That will help significantly since you can set the scroll rates and a lot of other options afterward. Basic built-in mouse support and options are very lacking in Windows.

By default I think windows is 3 lines at a time when you move your scroll wheel. You’ll also get a much more precise scroll on those mice above if you release the tension on the wheel a bit (so that it doesn’t default to “click points” as you spin it forward or back.)

Thanks Skipper. I’m using Logitech’s software, but I still can’t get anything smaller than a full line of text as the finest scrolling increment.

Not good then. I’m not on my desktop so I had thought there was an option for something similar to what you are asking for, like “free scroll” or similar. My mistake that it’s not in there.

I wish I could help you more ciparis.

There is that center-button mode you can activate that lets you control scrolling with a mouse movement, but it’s not the same as just letting the mouse’s super-precise scroll wheel handle it.

I’ve been spoiled ;p

I must be Doing It Wrong, because my Logitech Nano scrolls a minimum of 3 pixels at once on OSX. Although maybe its “metal-wheel scroller” isn’t as good as the rest of the Logitech line?

I actually find that the scroll wheel on this mouse kind of pisses me off because it keeps spinning when I don’t want it to.

Turn the sensitivity all the way down in the preferences (make sure you’re using Logitech’s software, too). If you do both of those things you should be in heaven. But also spoiled forever.

The nano is a bit tiny and so it’s easier to hit the wheel on accident. That doesn’t happen to me on the older notebook model (which they stopped making) or the full sized ones.