Any Way to Move the Cursor Between Monitors Despite Resolutions?

Hey y’all, this is a weird one, so I’m not sure how to ask it. Basically I have three monitors:


The monitor 3 is a 14 inch at 1400x900, monitor 1 is my main 2660x1440 monitor, while monitor 3 is a 1920x1080 monitor, all on the same Nvidia video card.

Now, when I wanna move my cursor from monitor 1 to monitor 2, I can only do it where the actual physical monitor is. Same from monitors 1 to 3.

Is there any way to maybe span these monitors so that, say I move my cursor up from 1 to 2 anywyere on monitor 1, and it goes to monitor 2, rather than slamming against the top of the screen?

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Yep, you want LittleBigMouse, its still in pre-release as far as I know. :)

Once you load it, check the box for ALLOW CORNER CROSSING.

OMG THAT DID IT. Thank you!

I have this EXACT same problem, but I’m on a Macbook and this is Win 10 only. Does anyone know of a similar tool for the Mac?

Oh, wait. My problem is a little different. I just needed to change the logical arrangement of screens on the screen placement screen to get the mouse movement I wanted. haha, I had them organized in the tool how the actual are in real life, which isn’t necessarily required but didn’t occur to me until I Googled.

OMG you guys, this thing lets me move left from monitor 2 to monitor 3 without having to slide through monitor 1! AMAZING!

Sadly I can’t continue to use this. It’s caused issues with OBS and some games I’ve played. Shame, it did the trick, but whatever trickery it used to do it is causing issues that aren’t worth the result.

Have you tried to move the top of monitor 3 so that it lines up with the top of monitor 1 and then move monitor 2 so that half is over 3 and half over 1? It’s not a perfect solution but it will work.

Or just get this monitor. :)

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? Or did LBM get patched?

I’m considering getting a 4k monitor alongside my 2k monitor, but DON’T want the mouse issues you described…

(going with a dual 4k setup will put too much strain on my 2070S during gaming I reckon)

Nope, the piece of software above made things worse. I’ve just resigned to deal with it.

Thanks… A shame that MS can’t find a way to include that functionality.

Yeah it’s kind of baffling.