Any way to pull an iTunes library index file off an ipod?

Something Bad happened to my wife’s iTunes install on her PC. It looks like the library file either got corrupted or deleted as part of an upgrade. Her music is still in the folder, but iTunes itself is blank. No music, playlists, etc.

Rather than have her recreate everything, is there a way to pull the library file off the iPod?

I am not quite sure how to extract the library file, but there are free programs that take the iPod files like XZYW, and extract them as mp3s with artists, albums, and titles. The one I found was iPod getter. Once you have the mp3s you can organize them how you like.

I use “SharedPod”

iDump and Ephpod does this as well, but whether they do what the OP is actually asking is another matter. Sorry, but at least you now have a bunch of free programs to check documentation on.

Duuur…I mean Sharepod.