Any wired 360 controller recommendations?


After more than 10 years of faithful service, my Afterglow wired 360 (which was a hilariously gaudy thing that I didn’t realize lit up…I bought it on sale at Best Buy) has finally had its last rodeo. The plastic thumbstick under the grip (the originally grips have long since worn away) fell off while simply trying to get on my horse in Odyssey. Rather said that such a prosaic thing would be this battered controller’s last gasp, after surviving so many boss fights and driving games where I worried I’d break off a thumb controller stem inadvertently.

So. I need a new wired USB 360 controller. Searching on Amazon yields mixed results, because every controller seems to have equal measures good and terrible reviews sitting cheek by jowl. I’d like to see if anyone here has a controller they absolutely love.

Hit me!


Is your goal to get something cheaply? The official Xbox One controllers work wired.


Well, I’m not looking for a $2 controller held together by tape and hope.

I dunno. I spend like $30 on the old controller. It feels weird paying $48 for a controller to perform the exact same function 10 years later.


An xbox360 controller is probably the ‘right’ choice, but if you’re looking for inexpensive for surprisingly good quality, check out the Hori Switch Controller:

Yes, it is for the Switch, but with Steam’s switch controller support it seems to work fine on the PC too (my son uses it with Monster Hunter World). No rumble, no gyro (for Switch). But considering the Pro controller is $60+, this is a steal. It is officially licensed, so isn’t a complete trash brand.

With Smash Bros. coming for xmas, I was in need of two controllers and hell if I was going to drop $120 for them. I got these on sale for $16/ea. No regrets thus far. I use it primarily with Smash Bros myself, and have had no issues.


only buy official. the logitech one sucks.


Nah. 23


The Amazon Basics Xbox One controller is actually quite good. Used it w my PC for a year thus far. $20 bucks.


Nice. I’m debating that Amazon controller or that nice Switch-compatible one that Daagar posted. I may go with both, since there are a couple of games we put on the TV and play with buddies…and that way if I ever am overly tempted to get a Switch, I’ve got a compatible controller for it.


I got my (official Microsoft) 360 wired controller back in early 2006, right after the release of the 360 for $40. It’s served me really well for the last 13 years. Hopefully it has 13 more years in it at least. It’s shown no sign of trouble. I did recently buy a new Xbox One controller for $35 (official Microsoft) when my original Day One controller was too bad to use (the sticks drift).

I guess it never occurred to me to buy the cheaper ones just to save a few bucks, since the official ones usually go on sale quite often. Looking on slick deals, the 360 wired controller was on sale for $20, but that was quite a few months ago. The Xbox One controller has more sales these days, going down as low as $30, but you need one right now. I have to admit, the AmazonBasics one does look very much like the original wired 360 controller. That’s the one I’d buy if I had to get one right now.


The Xbox One controllers need a special dongle to work on PCs I think. You need to factor that into your costs.


Wait, this is for a PC? Definitely just get the official Xbone controller. It’s great and you won’t have to worry about any compatibility issues. I thought this was for an actual 360. If you’re using it wired you can just plug it in with any micro-USB cable. For wireless, you can either use the dongle or for newer versions Bluetooth. Just make sure the one you buy has Bluetooth if you want that.


The 360 wireless ones need dongle not Xbone.