Any Word on AOE DS?

Any of you in the know heard anything about how this is shaping up? It’s listed for a 02/01 release at EBgames and I find myself in the mood for another TBS game to eat up some of my time. Heres to hoping it turns out good.

AOE = TBS ???

Yeah, for the DS. Can you imagine trying to play a RTS on a handheld?

No, not really. :)
But now you got me imagining playing a turnbased AOE on my DS. Darn, as if I needed another time-sink!

Well, the 2/1 release date still seems on-track, as for quality, that is unknown. I think that they were smart to go turn-based rather than RTS based on the DS, but one preview I read talked about the scope of things feeling small on the system … but we’ll see.


Can you imagine trying to play a RTS on a handheld?

Since the DS features a touchscreen and a stylus - absolutely. The second screen could be used for mini-map or unit/building command options.


I think the DS is built for a space based TB 4X game.

So, this AOE, it will be like a mini Civilization?

I guess you’ve never played AoE for the PocketPC.

If you think it’s playable you never played AOE on the PPC. :P

It was technically there, and technically the full AOE RTS, but it was far from useable.