Anybody else having trouble syncing iPhone music?


For about the past month, or so, My iPhone has not been syncing with my Mac music library (what, in the before-time, the children used to call “iTunes”). I am up to date on Mac OS and iOS. I do not subscribe to Apple Music, nor to iTunes Match, and the music library on my Mac is way too big to think about syncing it with the cloud.

The conspiracy theorist in me suspects that Apple is just slowly making it impossible to NOT subscribe to one of their paid services, so that folks like me whose digital library is 90% ripped CDs are S to the O to the L, because when I follow the workflow they put on on their support site (that is supposed to be up to date), it goes through the motions of a sync, but nothing takes.

Something that might also be significant. Remember those cute little bands of color at the bottom of either iTunes or the finder that shows how your iPone data (photos, music, apps) are partitioned? Yeah, the bar is down there, but it has no colors in it anymore.

Anybody else having this problem? Or insights into solutions? I would be most grateful for any suggestions.

Disclaimer: i don’t have any insights.

I have never been able to add new custom tracks when activating Apple music, which is why i don’t subscribe to it, and all that is using ios 12 and a quite older itunes.
I am actually intrigued how you managed to pull it until now!

Dunno, really. I just kept doing it, and it kept working. It would even sync completely over Wi-Fi, given enough time. Until recently, that is.

Mine does that occasionally. They usually reappear after a sync, but sometimes they are still wonky, and/or just plain wrong. I figure the new version of Music is just very buggy, still.

Edit it to add: I did have a phone or iPad at one point that went to an all yellow bar (this was a year or two ago) and it never displayed anything else. It started doing other wonky stuff IIRC though, so I just did a restore on it.

Can’t help you on the syncing part. I was still syncing up until last Fall, and them just went all in with Apple Music (which I have been incredibly happy with, I am listening to tons of different music nowadays).

Music/Match worked for my custom stuff. I can play my stuff that isn’t on Apple Music fine, but its tags mismanagement drives me nuts. I just gave up on trying to keep song info straight.

You have more than 50,000 tracks? Because that’s how many you can upload, for free, to Google Play Music, no sub required, and leave this janky Apple sync behind.

I just use Spotify/Plex/Subsonic.

You guys are kind of missing the point. This should work. Pretty basic functionality. And using Google’s stuff wont help on an iPhone, since you are better off using the Music app in almost all cases. (Plus, screw giving Google more of your info to sell).

Of course, it might not be a bug, maybe its just time for a fresh start/restore (assuming you already tried a soft reset).

I have indeed tried soft resets. So for a next step, are we talking a reinstall here?

Can you go to an Apple store and ask at the Genius Bar?

You could also start a chat with them. Either or, the next step is almost always reset to factory. Is it still backing up ok? Shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have a back up.

Alas, no Apple stores in my area. I’ll try to start a chat with Customer Service. Thanks for the input, folks! Fingers crossed.

For those playing the home game, I’ve been chatting online with Apple for about 2 hours and have just been transferred to my 4th customer service rep! Can I get a “gratz” for leveling up?

Yikes. At least they are trying, right?

They are. I’ll give them that. Now they’re trying to call, but the phone won’t connect. Third attempt coming up…

Comedy of errors. Maybe you need a new phone? :-)

Okay, everybody have a seat for the wrap-up:

Like the old saying goes, the sixth customer service rep is the charm. A long phone call (third of three phone calls after 3 chat sessions) and a shared screen later, a nice fellow named Christopher found the solution: my Mac’s system management controller needed to be reset (shift+control+option+power. a FOUR-fingered salute!).

That did the trick. The sync works fine now. Guess things just kind of got all balled up at the head office.

Thanks again, everyone, for the tips and the sympathetic ears!

An SMC reset did it?! Wow, I know to do that for other weird problems like sleep issues or hardware type stuff, but I would have never guessed in a million years that would have helped with syncing music. Plus I assumed this was a phone problem, not the Mac. Very interesting. That’s awesome it’s fixed though, too bad it took so long to do it.

Lol. SMC and PRAM resets, as well as repairing permissions. Pretty much the solution to everything Mac related. Glad it worked.

Works just fine on iPhones w the free Google music app. Doesn’t hurt to run in parallel to local sync if you want a free streaming option.

Sure it works ok, but does it work with Siri/Homepods/Carplay/Apple Watch (etc) as well? Better to use Music if you’re fully in the Apple ecosystem.

It actually works fantastically. The OP was about getting music on the phone. If you’re all the way in on Apple across the board, then you are correct.