Anybody else having trouble syncing iPhone music?

I would argue if it doesn’t work well with that other stuff, it barely works. ;-) I get it, not everyone needs all that stuff and Apple really should allow 3rd party apps to be the default. If they did, Google just might take advantage of it in a few years.

My parents use iPhones and Macs, with Sonos and Google Home smart speakers all over their place. It works great.

They’re not masochists, so don’t use Siri.

Siri works great with music and Homekit. I use it dozens of time a day with my HomePods, better than Alexa.

Glad to hear you got your issues sorted! Put me in the camp that’s completely floored that an SMC reset did the trick. That’s super weird. I guess I can kinda see it if I squint a bit?

Kudos to you for sticking with it. Glad the customer service folks were persistent, too.


I should add that every rep I chatted online with or spoke with on the phone were very pleasant and tried their best. They were also gratifyingly puzzled, and I could tell they really did have a personal stake in getting to the bottom of it.