Anybody going to PAX?

I’ll be the one in the pith helmet.

I give 2:1 odds that this is not specific enough.

TIL what a pith helmet is.

Like the guy on the left?

I am at PAX and will be at the BioWare Dragon Age 2 booth most of the time. Swing by and say hi!

I’ve gone the last two days, and plan to put in a bit of time tomorrow as well. Highlights have been meeting Jeff Green personally and two of the guys from the Rebel FM podcast (Arthur and Anthony), as well as the principals of the Gamers with Jobs podcast–the two Seans (I don’t think they spell it the same though), Cor(e?)y and Julian at the GWJ “Slap and Tickle” event, as well as a bunch of other people from the GWJ forums.
Gamewise, Rock Band 3 looks good (Freebird!), as does Fallout New Vegas.

Music to my ears. I’m hoping to love being a gamer in the late fall of 2010.

My 5yo daughter and I just spent a few hours there. Highlights: her posing with helmet and sword fighting the huge Dungeons & Dragons dragon; my meeting Scott Glancy of Delta Green fame and realizing he is a dead ringer for John Goodman in The Big Lebowski :-)

(Oh, and getting Castle Ravenloft – the board game – for $45 was good too! And I always raid The Dreaming’s booth… why I haven’t been to their actual store yet is a deeply good question…)