Anybody have an iPod ready Car Stereo?

I’m debating between trying an XM Radio account and buying a new in-dash receiver that’s iPod - ready. Has anybody tried one yet (in-dash with a port for iPod cord)

I have. I ended up getting some Alpine or other about 3 weeks back.

None have something you can directly plug into the deck afaik (other than an aux input). Most require a seperately purchased interface. I went with alpine because it was 30 bucks as opposed to 120. It’s just a wire they ran from the back of my stereo to my center console.

Do you have this one, or similar? best buy link for Alpine 9853

I was planning on having one put in this week. Do you like it?

I have XM Radio with an AUX port for the iPod plug/connector. It works great.

The model I have is a step down from that one, but yeah - same basic deal.

I like it just fine. You can navigate the iPod from the deck which is cool. The interface isn’t quite as sleek as the iPod but it’s the same principle - you use the dial to spin through your artists/albums/tracks/etc. It can be a little slow if you’ve got a lot of music; so if that’s the case I’d recommend just having plenty of playlists handy.

Other than that it’s great - like I said the iPod is in the center console which is nice, I don’t have to worry about hiding it when I leave the car.

I don’t understand: you mean the ipod is physically inside the console – it can’t be seen? Does the deck show track/artist information and such? How is the ipod powered?

all output/power/datastream is integrated in your ipod dock port, sked. you just plug the cable into the dock port and away you go.

We had a whole thread about car stereo and ipod integration here a while ago, with the pros and cons of several methods, and including pictures of people’s stereo setups.

I’ll go dig it up.


Thanks. I was so happy when my piece of crap Korean MP3 player died last week, meaning I am forced to go buy one of those sleek new Ipods. Now I too can watch Lost on a 2.5" screen. While driving!

skedtastic: Yes, the iPod is in the center console. You control it from the reciever, which displays track info, etc.

I believe that 40 states have some legislation regarding watching in-car entertainment video displays while driving. Most displays are thus engineered to prevent the driver from being able to view entertainment programming when the engine is on or when the vehicle is in motion.

Yeah, but I’m moving back to Canada in a couple of weeks, and we Canadians like to watch us some Beachcombers while driving.

I think Newfoundland and Labrador might have some laws regarding cell phones and watching TV whilst driving. Those damn Newfs, eh? Drive safely!