Anybody here sport a mullet?

Any tips?

Learn to play hockey?

Get a hair cut.


They named the dog Mullet.

That or learn how to make weapons and complex devices out of common household items.

If we had avatars, that would be mine.

Why didn’t he go for the backdrop with the lasers?

I always wanted that backdrop, but my parents always checked off the plain gray one on the school photo form.

Does a balding mullet count?

I know someone with one of those , and its looks super-bad.

That’s known as a “skullet” if I’m not mistaken.

Define “super-bad,” since it has two completely opposite meanings.

How does the guy with the walrus mustache eat? I have a reasonably long one and it is a problem. I always ask for extra napkins at a restaurant. That thing is… amazing.

Jesus fuck that came out a lot bigger than I thought (curse you Firefox auto-resizing! It looked smaller when I navigated to it!). Don’t suppose BB Code supports image-size code, does it?

Also, he does not eat. He simply stares at food until it gives up its essential nutrients as an act of frightened submission.

Or, as I like to think of it, the “Richard O’Brien”.

Or, as I like to think of it, the “Devin Townsend”.

Nicely trumped.

Not since high school…

I got married in a mullet. True story.

(To be fair, I rocked the shit out of that thing.)