Anybody interested in this?

The DNR is preparing a project which requires specific skills and experience in regards to the development of computer based games for educational purposes. This email is being sent to all vendors registered for the Computer Programming Services portion of the state IT Contract Services contract #15-93275-901.

At this time we have not decided on a model to procure the needed services. We are considering doing a Request For Proposal (RFP) process, but if a considerable number of vendors are available through the existing contract, who have the necessary skills and experience in creating and programming games of the nature required, we will use the standard solicitation and award process established for the state IT Contract Services contract instead.

Vendors are requested to read the below description of the project and sample RFP requirements. If any vendor believes that they have access to personnel who would be qualified and available to submit qualified proposals, we would like to hear from them. The vendor responses received will either lead to the placement of the vendors company on a bidders list for an upcoming RFP process, or will result in a determination that a solicitation through the standard IT Contract Services procedures will be pursued instead of an RFP process. Of course any RFP process initiated will be posted on the State’s VendorNet system, and all vendors registered on VendorNet for computer services will automatically receive a notice of the availability of RFP documents. This means that even if a vendor does not respond to this “Request for Qualifications”, they will still have a chance to get project information in the future and compete for this business.

Project Information:
The Simulator: Test Drivers Wanted Project: Development and production of a video/computer/DVD game intended to teach high school students through simulations the driving and car care skills that improve automobile performance, reduce air pollution, and control costs of car ownership and maintenance. In addition, players will choose from emerging transportation technologies and fuels. Teens will learn how to analyze the driving behavior, fuel, combustion and other environmental causes of car performance, how to make informed trade-offs for specific benefits, and how to calculate the effects of their decisions, while having fun competing for personal best scores. The Simulator will be competitive, thought provoking and attractive to teens of both genders and will use a multicultural approach. The target market is the pre-driver and beginning driver students between the ages of 13 and 17. The game will enhance the Easy Breathers web site,, and will function as a component of the Easy Breathers Program or as a stand-alone learning activity. This game will be a high tech educational tool for teaching youth about mobile source technologies and the power of their human “drivers” to control these technologies for environmental (and other) benefits. The product will be suitable for high school driver’s education, as well as science, industrial and engineering education. The selected contractor will be working with the Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Agency and the Regional Planning Commission. The Department of Natural Resources is the project manager and will contract with the vendor on behalf of these partners.

The contractor will work closely with the agency to conceptualize and design the content and creative treatment of this media. Once the conceptual and creative aspects of the project are clearly outlined, the contractor will be responsible, under the agency’s guidance and approval, for the development and enhancement of these products.
The contractor will be responsible for the design, artistic elements, programming, scripting, sound effects, music, and editing associated with the game. These components will be developed with the aid/input of a project team. The contractor will NOT be responsible for manufacturing and distribution of the final products.

For this project the agency requires a range of multimedia conceptualization and development services offered by a media company, including but not limited to planning, gaming design, graphic design, web/CD/DVD production, scripting, and sound effects, music, and editing associated with the game in DVD/CD format and web design. The contractor will collaborate with a team consisting of the tri-state partners and technical advisory committee to develop creative treatments and ideas for each part of the project.

Sample RFP Requirements:

  • The proposer must describe its experience in quality electronic gaming conceptualization, design and product testing, including original graphic art and design, and integrating special effects including sound, video, etc.  In addition, the proposer must demonstrate that it has experience in engineering and/or scientific illustration and dynamic calculations, or has the ability to cost-effectively sub-contract for this work.
  • The proposer must demonstrate experience with programming electronic multi-level games in DVD or CD-ROM format, designing, and producing web  pages, DVDs and/or CD-ROMs, or that it can cost-effectively sub-contract for this work.
  • The proposer must provide examples of their experience in producing creative computer gaming products, which spark interest in the target audience of the project.  Include details of the conceptualization, planning, and design phases of computer gaming products.  Educational or youth oriented projects appealing to both genders with a multicultural character will be graded higher.
  • The proposer must provide examples of their experience on projects with scripting and designing computer games and related web sites and development and production of computer games on CD-ROM and/or DVD.

Educational or youth oriented projects appealing to both genders with a multicultural character will be graded higher.

  • The proposer must provide examples of their experience in providing similar services to those required, emphasizing the ability to make effective use of previous budgets, and produce cost-effective products.  Demonstrate that the proposer has a clear record of meeting project deadlines.

Instructions for Responding to this Request for Information & Qualifications:

Interested vendors should provide an email response prior to close of business on Friday Nov.15, 2002. Please indicate if your firm has the experience and capabilities to provide quality responses to the above list of sample RFP requirements that could appear in a future solicitation of services for this project. The response you provide at this time should not exceed one page and does not have to be a complete response to the above requirements. We do not want your proposal at this time, only a broad statement that indicates your interest in the project and a general indication that you believe your firm could qualify to do the required work. Please do indicate if your firm or the personnel you would assign to the project have ever created a video/computer/DVD game and how we could review previous pertinent work in this area.

Fuck, I hope not. But there are always stupid, greedy people out there ready to whore for leftist causes like this one, which is aimed at indoctrinating children with environmentalist propaganda.

why did you post this in the games forum?

Since this is a state contract, and since I know where Mr Coregamer lives, I am assuming this is for the state of Ohio. Run by a Republican Govenor and with all the agency heads pretty much filled with Republicans. Leftist? I don’t think so.

But nice Rush like response. Or are you so crazy right, you think mainstream republicans are commies?


Actually, no… it’s Wisconsin.

Hey, it’s a job offer and there are laid off programmers lurking about, so even though I have no interest in it, I thought it might do someone a favor. It’s a school system apparently that’s hiring this out - or at least that’s how the headhunter that pitched it my way thought.

I told 'em I wasn’t interested but I knew where I might find a taker for them. Thought someone here might be interested and need some work.

Goody. My tax dollars at work.

“Goody. My tax dollars at work.”

They might as well throw it all in a pile and burn it. At least someone might get some heat out of it for awhile.