Anybody tried a grapple?

I’ve had one. My grandfather bought some and then gave them to us, because that’s what old people do. It wasn’t bad.

Obviously the work of a grapple viral marketer.

From the You-Play-Too-Many-FPSes-Department: When I saw the thread title I assumed you were talking about something that shoots a rope up the side of a building. I was like “No way those are real?!? I totally need to try one!”

I thought it was going to be a homoerotic tribute to the ultimate fighting championship.

Same here :(

Do I have to yell impulse 22 when I eat a grapple…or is it a different bind?

I coded a swinging grapple back in the day…

I thought exactly the same thing!

Well, from the play too many PnP RPG’s Dept.-- I thought he would have to roll a touch attack and then make an opposed strength check (D20+BAB+STmod).

Having just watched UFC 59 last night I was thinking the same thing!

It’s called a grapple check now, and you forgot to add the size modifiers.


I was also taken in by the thought of genetic mutation and picked these up. They tasted good, but not good enough to warrant a second purchase. For my money, the oranges were a far better value.