Anybody want to sell their old hardware?

I’m thinking that with the early-adopters, overclock fiends, and graphics hounds that inhabit this board, the stuff you throw away is probably the stuff I’m looking to buy. Anyone want to work out a deal on:

Mobo + CPU (Something in the Athlon 64 family or Pent. D)

I also will need RAM and a video card, but I’m guessing that those wouldn’t be particularly available and I’d have to buy new.

I could also go for a case of some sort, mine is pretty skanky at this point. For reference my (currently dead due to mobo burnout) system is an Athlon 2500 + Radeon 9600, so I’m coming from the dark ages.


Ive got a couple AGP cards i could sell you. X800 XL or 6800 GS. I just can’t seem to find the energy to ebay the things, i’ve got so much other stuff going on.

Too bad though, i just sold my motherboard/cpu combo. Could’ve had a 3000+ 64 Athlon w/ mb and 2 gig ram for about 175$ :).

I have a used radion 9800 pro…

What do we get for ten dollars?

How about one pixel pipeline? Can I get just one pixel pipeline?

I’ve got a P4 3.0 with Hyperthreading (can overclock to 3.6 on air with good cooling)
Abit IC7-G motherboard
2 Gigs of Corsair PC3200 RAM (4 sticks of 512MB)

that I can sell you if you want.

i need some used DDR (any speed will do) for my wife’s PC - are you selling it by the stick or as a set?

How funny, I just got done stripping and building a new computer recently, so there’s some spare, but good, parts lying around:

PNY Geforce 6600 GT 256mb AGP
Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro motherboard
AMD Athlon XP, uh, +2800? I think? Can’t remember. It’s still on the motherboard with the HSF.
1GB DDR333 stick of doublesided RAM
256mb DDR333 stick of singlesided RAM

I also have a nice and room Antec(? I think) aluminium windowed case. 4 external 5.25" drive slots, 2 external 3.5" slots and 4 internal 3.5" slots. Has a cover for the front and locks for the front and window (I have the keys somwhere…)

If you want anything, just PM.

Summnabiotch. I would have totally gone for that.

Also, if anyone has a 7600GT AGP they want to resell I’d be interested. ;)

I have a brand new Antec 450W power supply with the 20+4 power pin setup… (Pulled from a new Sonata II to replace with a larger SLI power supply.)

I have an old P-III 750 you can have. Come pick it up :)