Anybody watching Wanted?

It’s sort of an NCIS without the wussy sidekick and with a lot more blood and guts. I’ve only seen a couple episodes and can’t decide if it will get the Season Pass treatment or not. The gore and violence is too intense for my wife so I can only watch it when she’s not around, which kind of sucks, but I’ve enjoyed the actors so far.

This is the second season. I watched all of season 1, and dug it. I think someone in the original thread described it as “The Shield - Lite”, which isn’t horribly inaccurate.

It’s testosterone cop drama. It’s nowhere near as intelligent as NCIS or L&O, but it’s a lot of shooting and blowing shit up, and occasionally tries (and fails, IMO) to do the character development with Connie and his kid. It just feels real forced, like they were thinking “We need a kick ass crime drama with lots of shooting…hey, what about also making it about the leader’s shitty relationship with his ex-wife and kid?”

I still enjoy it for the mindless entertainment and for the repartee between Drake (i.e. Beecher from Oz) and McGloin.

The dialogue’s good, I like the characters, it seems like a really solid concept… but somehow it’s just not happening for me. There’s just no real depth.

Well, you nailed it. Well written dialogue, lots of shit blowing up, but in the end you don’t give a shit. They try to make you care by emphasizing Connie’s family, but that ends up being more of a distraction than anything else. You don’t know shit about the rest of the crew like Merced, Rodney, McGloin, and that Dave Navarro looking dude.

And Connie simply isn’t that interesting. He should be context for everyone else, not the focal point AND the leader. I was always under the impression that one of the rules of TV shows (and ensembles in general) was that the lead character is never supposed to be the focus but is instead supposed to be a kind of glue to everything. He’s the straight man to everyone else’s jokes.

They also fuck up legal procedure so bad that suspension of disbelief is incredibly tough. I mean, a DA posing as a fucking defense lawyer? Are you SHITTING me?

Legal procedure is where your suspension dies? Not when they basically operate outside the law, in this goofy conglomeration of enforcement agencies? Or when there’s a huge shootout in the street and not a single one of them has to take desk time during the IA investigation? Or how they never end up with brutality problems?

Any worrying about procedure goes out the window with the credits. It’s man’s lizard brain candy.