Anyone actually play Doom RPG on the cellphone?

I bought my copy about a week ago when I was on a trip and was pleasantly surprised by how fun the game actually was. Probably the most fun I had with a Doom game since…Ultimate Doom :)

Any of you guys know of other non-puzzle mobile games (preferably not straight up console ports) that are worth checking out?

I was actually suprised by the port I bought of Ys. It played well with the phones controlls.

I also got one called Hero’s Quest, a game in the same style as King’s Bounty and the Hero’s of M&M games. Fun, but only two senarios to play and then you are done.

I will probably try that new one coming out - Orcs and Elves just cuz. Maybe I’ll even get the Doom RPG. I’ve heard good things about it.

Doom RPG is a great game. I’d also recommend Ancient Empires I & II. It’s a very cool little turn-based strategy game that kinda reminds me of Warlords.

I like Doom RPG, but I haven’t played it a whole lot. It reminds me of playing Dungeon Master on my ST.

I bought it, its one of only two games I enjoyed on the cell phone (the other being Spelltris). It really works well on the cell phone.

(not trying to be snarky here, it really is hard to find with search)