Anyone attend a Washington caucus?

Tim? McCullough? Anyone with observations? Did the Deaniacs make a desperate last stand? Did the Democrats all hold hands and sing Kum ba Yah and talk about how much they really, truly hate Bush? Bueller? Bueller?

I was out late drinking and playing Tecmo Bowl, so I missed it.

Hey Doug, you go?

I went to my local caucus, and ended up being an alternate delegate for Dennis Kucinich. No one came to blows, but I offered to arm wrestle someone to settle a dispute. :)

Haha, that rules.

Dennis Kucinich? Ooh… nifty. I really liked him. Shame someone like him doesn’t have a hope in hell of getting elected to the presidency.

I was too sleepy to go to mine. Friend reports that Dean cleaned up.

Really? You, of all people on this forum, didn’t go? :shock: Hell, I went to mine in Iowa even though only seven Republicans from my precinct showed up. (Cue stupid rural joke.)

One of the ironies of politics is that your individual vote doesn’t matter in the slightest. What, my vote would have thrown my precinct?

Now convincing 100 people to vote a certain way…

My wife dragged me to Tacoma today to look at a standard poodle, which are supposed to be good for people who have fur alergies. I wasn’t in the house 5 minutes before I started to sneeze and tear.

I had a standard poodle growing up. Great dog. Highly recommended. You also don’t have to give it a Stupid Cut, as they look much better with hair all over their bodies.

But you do have to give it regular haircuts, because it doesn’t shed. Which is good.

Its too bad that you’re allergic to it though.

Well, this guy was basically breeding dogs in his home. He had pee mats all over the house and did all his trimming in the house. He had three adults and a bunch of 6 week pups and two 2 week pups. What a stinky, noisy, mess.

The huge concentration of dogs may have just been too much for me. Because they have hair instead of fur, they’re supposed to be really good for guys like me. I’m still considering it, but this afternoon was sort of a bummer. I would hate to spend all that money for a standard just to find out it won’t work.

I have heard they’re very smart dogs. I don’t like the stupid hair cuts either, but my daughter has shown a fondness for the Foofy tails and feet.

I did; put in a vote for Edwards. Nothing really exciting except a few signs and a few overfriendly folks.

Do caucuses in WA work differently than they do in IA? I’ve seen people convince others to vote for their candidate at a caucus. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to influence others, participation is, as every single high school American Goverment teacher preaches, a license to bitch.