Anyone done with the first NWN forever?

If so, I’d like to purchase or have gifted to me your CD key!

You see, I’ve recently converted a system to linux and have discovered that Bioware released a linux version of NWN. I can download everything I need to play except the cd-key, so I’d like to legally procure, whether through purchase or gift, the rights to a copy of NWN without going out and buying it.

So you want to purchase a license key, but don’t want to buy the game? Gotcha. Makes perfect sense.

I mean that I’d rather just buy someone’s license instead of having to order and wait for the full gaime when all I need is the key.

Dirty pirates.

I bought a copy of NWN Diamond off Amazon for $15. I think GoGamer may have it for $10.

Nevermind. Forget that this exists.

I’ve still seen NWN Diamond around at Best Buys and such recently, shouldn’t be too hard to find a copy regardless.