Anyone else driving a 2014 Mercedes Benz of some sort?

I ask because I’m leasing another C250 sedan this year through my company’s employee lease program (just picked it up yesterday) and it’s doing something fairly bizarre on the “from Start” fuel economy screen in the multifunction display: instead of the mpg reading starting at some minimal value and going up as you drive (which makes sense, as the engine starts out cold and thus is not at optimum operating temp), in my 2014 model the mpg’s start out near 30 and go down–eventually they do seem to stabilize, but does that seem screwy to anyone else? I called the dealership and the Service Advisor couldn’t help me out over the phone, nor tell me if it was the “new normal” somehow. Also, when I filled up the tank today the “from Reset” mpg reading did the same thing.

Anyhow, I guess I’ll get on some Mercedes forums and ask there, but I figured I’d ask here because IIRC we’ve got a couple of Mercedes drivers.

Do you have any Grey Poupon while you’re at it?

Hehe. I get a really good deal on the lease through work, thank goodness. Not quite as “stupid cheap” as last year, but still pretty good.