Anyone else find the Books, Comics, TV Music Forum a bit crowded these days?

I’m wondering if it would be possible to break up the forum for Books, Comics, TV, Music. We already had the problem of the overlap between Game of Thrones Book and TV show, and I can definitely see people being confused if anyone ever starts a thread about the flash comics. Also, we’ve thrown in Podcasts into that section, because of reasons (mostly because Thrilling Adventure Hour and Serial can’t fit anywhere else).

It seems a bit crowded right now, with everything seeming to come up there. Would it be possible to break them out a bit more? Perhaps Books and Comics as a separate thread, since they are usually the ones that cross over to TV?

Also, with all the exciting things happening on the small screen (let’s face it, we are in or headed to a golden age of long form story telling that Television seems to be getting good at), I think that TV deserves it’s own thread, as much as Movies do.

Hopefully its not out of line to make this suggestion.


Doesn’t really bug me currently, but maybe I just pop in way too often.

Look at the thread count and post count in comparison to other forums - unless that has radically accelerated of late, it’s actually fairly quiet in comparison.

That’s what I was going to say. The reason they’re all under one umbrella is that there isn’t enough discussion of any particular thing to sustain a dedicated subforum. Even TV, which is probably the most lively bit.

It has more posts than in Hardware or Movies though, and considering how old the forum is, and how recent television has caught up to the interests of people in this forum (more tech stuff, more sci fi stuff, more Comic book things) it has recently spiked. Also, more and more books and comics are moving to television rather and movies. It would be nice to keep them separate so that spoilers from one doesn’t cross over to the other.

More posts isn’t really a valid argument given the wider spectrum of the subforum.

My thought is that it would probably be cleaner if the subtopics all worked like books. Books are mostly confined to a monthly list of titles read. I would think that this method could easily be applied to music and comics as well (and generally is with the new music and recommended comics threads. So - if you think about it - TV is actually the problem child and making its own subforum doesn’t really help that much.

That doesn’t seem logically. So if a book came out 2 years ago, and I want to discuss it today, because I just read it, I have to up end an entire thread just to talk about it? And you want to do the same to music and comics? Should we organize games and movies in the same way?

I think it is fine. It is all mostly TV anyway.

Logical or not, that is generally how books, music and comics are handled (with very few exceptions e.g. GoT).

It’s very unartful that Movies get they own sub forum, but everything else is lumped together. We don’t even have proper forum for podcasts. I’m just asking for a little respect for the superior medium in this world.

Also, there are at least 3 separate book threads going on right now, so I’d argue that its not the present way that people want to handle books.

lego: I think you should just accept the fact that nobody else is really looking for change (and that change is unlikely given Tom’s previous opinions in this regard) and move on.