Anyone else have a page?

I decided I needed a place to vent about games, and since my regular blog is for work stuff only and my PC Gamer column is restricted to (a) PC games only and (b) being semi-professional and not swearing and stuff, I decided to set up a page on

There it is, feel free to send friend invites if you’re also on the network.


An easier link for you to use is just

Also, because I am a company man, I have one as well, just I hardly blog about games. Just stupid shit that comes up once in a while. I leave deep game pontificating to the likes of JD and Toastyfrog.

Ah, thanks for the 1up 101. Friend invite imminent.

How can there be two people dumb enough to have the alias “BooTx”? Honestly.

I have one, but don’t do much with it. A desktop shot, my games collection etc. Not worth linking to.

Bruce Geryk has his CGW wargaming blog there.


Man… I forgot I even set one of those up.

I added you, Gary. Maybe I’ll even get around to updating it.

Alright, I signed up for another thing that I’ll use for a week and never touch again.

This ought to be cool. Maybe we should start a Qt3 club or something


I’ll be your huckleberry.

I used to check 1up every day, not so much anymore.

Wouldn’t it kind of make more sense to host these blogs on Qt3 if not on your personal web server? I for one trust Tom Chick way more than Ziff-Davis.

I have a blog on my business site, but like Gary, I try to keep it business related.

you know, I think I do but I don’t remember much about it. let me look.

I make it sound exciting dont I

I just copy the video game stuff from my regular blog and dump it here.

Is there some super-secret thing you need to do to add friends?

did you guys all collectively just discover the intarwebs?

It would.

If Tom was in the business of providing random internet strangers with space and bandwidth for their blogs.