Anyone else have trouble eating for several hours after waking up?

I have a dilemma. I need to eat because when I go to work on the frop bog I need the energy and need to not have a hypoglycemic attack. But I feel so awful when I wake up, that eating makes me feel kinda of sick. So I have to waste several hours of precious time waiting to be able to get some nutrition in me before I can head out. I’d like to be able to just get up and go so I can have a nice long day outside.

If anyone else has this issue, what do you do?

I don’t eat before lunch time, never had since I was a kid. I just don’t fancy any food at all until then.

That does not help you, one of my sons is exactly the same. I also only need 6 hours sleep a night, always have done.

Maybe waking up a littler earlier and having something as food replacement, a protein shake or something would help

I often feel nauseous in the morning, Jeff, so I often don’t eat anything solid until lunch. I do often have some juice, or seltzer, or even a Coke, just to get some sugar and caffeine going. And then I eat an early lunch, usually 11:30.

I don’t have a better solution to offer, though.

I like the protein shake idea. Adding a little ginger to it might also help reduce the nausea.

I don’t much like to eat before late morning/early afternoon most days either…as above, definitely some kind of vitaminy-protein shake is the way to go. I get the 20-packs of, I think, Boost drinks at Costco so I have them on hand.

I also don’t have breakfast hardly ever (other than a cup of tea each morning as required by law) but when I have had to the two things I’ve coped best with are a) oatmeal (porridge with low fat milk) and b) cold plain roasted chicken. You can combine the two if you wanna, but generally… I have not. Basically; avoid fats and sugars (protein shakes as mentioned would probably work too).

Intermittent fasting is very in right now so skipping breakfast isn’t unusual. But since you need calories to work, you might think about getting into making smoothies at home if the protein shake idea is unappetizing to you. You need a blender of course, but throwing a bunch of vegetables you like in a blender with water or milk or whatever is pretty common alternative to a traditional breakfast. (It’s a bit more complicated than that, but not by very much.)

I’ve often done this too. The 100-200 calories from juice, soda, etc. sometimes works for me when I need energy but don’t want to eat and am too lazy to make a smoothie.

If you have appetite or nausea issues I would suggest trying your cheap MI weed. A low dose edible is an inexpensive way to up your appetite and reduce nausea. See if insurance will cover it.

I had nausea for some medical reasons and tried various things and ultimately pharmaceutical thc was absolutely the best solution.

Hell, I won’t eat until after I get home from my 11-hour shift. I think it’s because I believe in not rewarding myself until after all my work is done for the day. So far, I have never fainted or even gotten dizzy during the day.

I’m no help for you here, Jeff. Sorry.

Coffee with milk (6oz per double of espresso) lasts me most days until at least 2PM or later. Then it’s maybe a protein bar (or nothing) until ~ 5pm when I have a decently large dinner.

Sounds like a number of people who have answered are similar. I don’t really have energy problems - if I’m not doing anaerobic exercise, then there’s still enough fat on me to burn when walking/kayaking/etc.

@jpinard Do you just need a little food to get yourself going, or do you need a serious meal? Have you tried some basic stuff like oatmeal, bananas, protein bars, etc? Maybe you can find something gentle that will not bother your stomach too much, but will get your system going? At one point in my life I had nausea for a few months straight, and had to almost force feed myself - at that point, ensure drinks (with extra protein) and toast with a little butter were about the easiest thing I could consume to try and not lose weight. Ensure wasn’t exactly a culinary delight, but I found I could get it down, it didn’t upset my stomach, and it had enough protein, vitamins, etc to keep me going, and it is a pretty small volume to drink so it felt more manageable.

I’m not sure how this would work with your morning energy level and location, but is there a bakery nearby that you could walk or bike to? I enjoy it as a way to get out and get some morning exercise, with the promise of a treat at the end to motivate the whole activity. Once you are outside and moving your appetite might pick up.

And if that is not a possibility:

A lot of good ideas posted. Thanks so much for offering your experiences as well, I really appreciate it.

The first and easiest thing I can do is try the smoothie route. I got frozen berries, yogurt, bananas, and whole milk to see if this might work. I already have a prescription for Ensure Enlive, but there’s something about them that leaves a heavy slow feeling in me. Hard to explain, so I always drink those at night to supplement my calories, where I don’t mind feeling like I drank liquid lead.

I’ve found yogurt is a good thing early in the morning when I know I need to eat something but I’m not hungry.

Things like juice are easy sources of energy, but you need to be careful of that’s all you eat, because it’ll cause your body to dump insulin to deal with the sugar, and then you’ll crash without something else in there to burn.

So you’ll want to make sure you have some protein or fat.

Yea, I’m going to test what kind of hypoglycemic response I have. Thought about maybe doing a banana peanut butter smoothie if the fruit one crashes me.

Keep some emergency candy or juice on hand if your blood sugar dips.